Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who Knew?

Google has this neat thing called Google Alerts that can notify you when your name is included in websites, etc. I subscribed a while back to it and sometimes I am surprised when I get an alert. Last Friday was one of these times.

I received an alert with a link to Amazon's website. Who knew that Amazon was now also selling journal articles? This was the first I'd heard of this. I knew about books (of course), dvds, and lots of other things, but journal articles? Were others aware of this or is this a new thing for Amazon?

Take a look:


Clan Hill said...

Did you write that? I took a quick peek and couldn't find your name. That is so neat. I googled my name one time and found out I'm a porn star!

Mosshouse said...

You know how customers can write a review of amazon purchases? Do you think that could count towards my publications if I wrote a "review" of your publication on Amazon? (teehee!)