Thursday, September 27, 2007


The last 36 hours haven't been all that great for me and several things culminated yesterday to make me think - what is going on??? A good friend of mine helped me put things in perspective; she said go home and give Callen a big hug and remember that is what is important in life and not all the crap that creeps in from time to time. So, I picked Callen up yesterday and gave her several big hugs, and the world seemed a much better place. It is so easy to let some events, particularly those at work, cause us stress; they creep into our lives and have more of an impact than we'd like. In reality, the events of the past 36 hours are tiny blips in the story of my life; however, the love of my family and seeing my beautiful daughter's face are more important to me than any blip along the way. Here's to keeping things in perspective and not letting the blips along the road of life get to us!

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Clan Hill said...

Your friend is exactly right. Sometimes I just like to sit and watch Marley. Particularly when she eats. I know it sounds creapy, but for some reason I get a lot of joy out of that. I really wish I could video tape her whole life. There are so many things I wish I could go back and watch. She does make everything better on a good or bad day.