Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 Times in One Day?

I had my annual gyn appt. earlier this week. I'm not sure if it is people hearing/knowing that you have a gyn appt. or what it is, but I had 3 people in 2 different states ask me if Bo and I were going to have a second child. All three of these inquiries were before noon that day! I kept thinking, what is going on today?

How do you handle that question? My answer was 'probably not, but we're not positive'. In some ways I think I'd like to have another child; in other ways, I think no. I really enjoyed being pregnant and never had any complications from it. However, working full time demanding jobs, raising a toddler, and never having enough time to get half of what we need to done makes me very hesitant to even think about it. I really admire people who can 'do it all' especially with several kids.

So, how do other parents 'do it all'?

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Anonymous said...

They don't do it all and if you think they are--they are just good at hiding it!! Trust me--someone always wants the opposite--like those with curly hair want straight. I found that most working moms want to stay at home more and most stay at home moms want to work--at least some of the be able to interact with adults. We can't dot it all and we can't please everyone and luckily we don't have to!! I am getting more towards the point of "I don't care what you think...if it is best for me and my family then nanny nah nah on you....". In other words...I am not in the position to keep up with the Jones' nor do I want to and the older I get--I need to just be satisfied and truly happy with what we have. Have a baby if YOU want. I have found those people that comment about families that have 4+ kids these days...I am one of 4--my parents did it and others have even more kids and manage....not for me but it is for others...I gurantee it won't be easy with even one more but I doubt you'll regret it--don't do it unless it works for your family :-)