Monday, September 24, 2007

Social Networks and Distance

Over the past week or so I've had several conversations with friends and colleagues about having a child and living far from family and close friends. A colleague even remarked that his wife told him the first 8 years they lived in NY she was angry all the time and she realized it was because they were there, without family nearby, with young kids. We pretty much all agree that individuals who live near their families, in particular, and have kids may not realize how much easier they have it than do those who don't live near families. There is a caveat of course -- your family has to want and be willing to provide assistance when needed : )

On Saturday Bo and I had some things to do that were accomplished much easier and quicker without Callen being with us. We hired a babysitter to watch her for a few hours. How much easier would it have been if we could have called on Aunt Suzanne or Nana to watch Callen? Don't get me wrong, we had a great babysitter who Callen adores! However, just the coordination and cost involved, rather than having handy family members nearby, makes us realize how much we miss by not living closer to family members, in particular.

I wonder what strategies other parents use to overcome the lack of family in their nearby geographic community. Any suggestions or ideas to pass along to others?


Mosshouse said...

I wish we would all be a little bit more like Donna Reed and be willing to rely on one another more. You know, "say there, Renie, do you mind keeping little Callen for a few hours while I run to the day spa?" Shelia, just call on us! Little Philip LOVES company and we surely could reciprocate with all of our mommy friends if we started doing it more often!

Clan Hill said...

I agree with Renie. Your not thinking of moving away, are you? We like you guys too much!