Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Schedules This Many Meetings on a Friday?

I was looking at Eszter's blog ( the other day and saw that she had a busy, busy day of meeting after meeting. I've noticed my days are getting more and more like this. Although, if you recall, when I decided to try to be more proactive than reactive, I noted that I would try to compress meetings together rather than having them be scattered about, etc.

I looked at my calendar for tomorrow and noticed that I have 4 meetings (which is actually fewer than I've had on my other meeting days the past 2 weeks)! They start at 9 AM and the last one runs from 3-5 (a faculty meeting from 3-5 on a Friday - OUCH! There better be a happy hour after such a meeting!). I definitely need to be better about the 'days' I use for meetings.

As I was telling one of my grad students the other day when he questioned me about why I seem to have so many meetings of late, I think the longer you're in academia the more meetings you seem to have -- whether they're with students, research collaborators, committees, etc., they begin to add up after a while!

Here's to fewer meetings next week - especially on Friday!

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