Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"I Need To Check My Email"

said the 2 year old little girl to her mother last night . . . Now, I think my child is bright but all mothers think this don't they : ). Callen has always been curious about computers from the time she could sit up in my lap and watch as I did work on the computer. I'm guessing she's heard me and Bo talk about checking our email and it just stuck with her. We will sometimes go to the Sesame Street website and do some interactive games with her but this isn't very frequently. There is a little computer in her classroom at school but I'm not sure how much they actually teach them about computers at age 2.

I wonder if I should get her her own email account . . . Hmmm, what do you think?

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Jason Nolan said...

Well, as a professor teaching technology in relation to early childhood education, I'd say no. Unless there is a very important activity that you can do with your child that promotes child development, particularly if it is an EXTENSION of a real world activity. Drawing pictures and sharing them with grandparents online. Telling stories. Sharing art. Email me if you want more information... jason@youknowwhat.