Sunday, February 17, 2008


I bought Bo tickets to see Gordon Lightfoot for Valentine's Day. He mentioned wanting to see him. I had no idea who Gordon Lightfoot was at the time, but thought it would be fun to go anyway. Here's a YouTube video of him performing one of his most famous songs, If You Could Read My Mind. I hope the video works. I've not posted videos here previously.

I recognized 5 or 6 of his songs during the concert. I heard a few people say that his voice was weak. He's 69 years old; I guess after a lifetime of performing you have a right to have a weak voice periodically. It was a nice show and I'm glad we were able to see him perform. I think this is the first concert we've been to since Callen was born.

He performed at the Alabama Theater last night. Here's a link to pictures of the inside of the theater (; it is a beautiful old theater. I heard someone sitting behind us compare it to the Fox Theater in Atlanta. The sound in it is just beautiful!

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Clan Hill said...

Gordon Lightfoot is actually pretty good. Several of his songs would play on our satellite radio at work and my manager told me who he was. I believe he is the person who sang the opening song for Growing Pains. He has a very distinctive voice. I bet he puts on a good show.