Friday, May 30, 2008

Would You Pay ...

to check your luggage? I heard the other day that American Airlines has imposed a fee to check even one piece of luggage, and the fees get higher the more bags you check. What is the deal with this? I understand gas prices are high, but you know I haven't been on too many flights lately that weren't jammed packed with people (including my first one today). I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden AA has to impose this fee. Sounds like a greedy CEO to me. I plan to avoid flying AA and other airlines that adopt this policy. I'm not one of the weekly business travelers but I do tend to travel several times a year for work and pleasure. I wonder what would happen if we all said 'heck no, we won't fly your airline.'

This really disadvantages individuals who are frail, have mobility problems, etc. who choose to check their luggage so they won't have to struggle with lugging it through airports and having to heist it into overhead bins. Also, what about parents with kids? We already have enough stuff to carry that it would be impossible for us to even think about doing carry-on luggage.

What about you? Will you pay to check your luggage?

Shelia (in Dallas on the way to Santa Fe and DEFINITELY NOT flying American Airlines!)


"Max Whale" said...

United wants you to pay for your peanuts and pretzels now, too :-) Not quite the same hefty fee but this is that going to really solve anything either??

Mosshouse said...

I am more than irate about this. Seriously, as an educator, it burns me up to see the salaries of the corporate hogs in the airline industry, as well as gas industry. UP WITH THE PEOPLE! DOWN WITH THE MAN!