Monday, May 26, 2008

Catching Up on Pix

Some pix from our travels the past few months. I'm horrible about actually getting pix off the digital camera. I finally uploaded some today - 197!

Here's Callen in Seattle at the big music place (I forget the name now, but it was founded by one of the Microsoft founders - not Gates). Maybe Callen will grow up to be a drummer like her Daddy.

Here's Callen playing on our trip to Seattle.

I hope you can see the bright green color of the moss on these trees. It was amazing! We drove from Portland out to the coast one day and the color of the moss was so vivid. I'm sure my camera didn't do it justice.

Off the coast of Oregon are these huge rocks sticking out of the water. Very different appearance than the East Coast. A neat trip!

Callen eating a treat at her Valentine's Day party at her school, after just having had a haircut.

Callen at our condo in Atlantic Beach, NC in March.

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