Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy Day

No, I'm not joking. We actually had a little snow in B'ham today! James Span, our weather man, predicted 1-4 inches and we didn't get even 1/4th of an inch; but it was nice to see nonetheless. Callen loved playing in the snow.

Here's a pix looking out across our neighbor's yard and down the hill from our house.

Here's a pix of Bo and Callen making a snow ball -- which they tried to throw at Mommy, but Mommy was too fast for them : ).

Bo and Callen made 2 little (really little!) snowmen. Here they are on the top of the trashcan.

By now, of course, the snow is almost gone : (. It was nice to see it even if it didn't stay long. Maybe it won't be another 2.5 years before we see snow in B'ham again!


Mosshouse said...

Yeah! Snow day!

Clan Hill said...

The picture looking down from your house made it look like you guys got a lot of snow. I wish it would have snowed more!