Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Busy Days . . .

Ever since we returned from holiday travels, I think I've been running in double time trying to get everything done. ASA's (the national sociology conference I attend) annual paper submission deadline is next week (and you have to submit a 20 page paper rather than an abstract for it); I'm working with other colleagues on 2 papers for it. Neither of them are as far along as I'd like for them to be at this point unfortunately. While these are important, I'm also trying to get a grant proposal out this Friday! If it gets funded, it will be a really neat and important project. I'm really ready for a mother's night out Friday!

I've unpacked 4 boxes in my office (out of 39); unfortunately they are taking a backseat to the grant proposal and ASA papers. I'm hoping to really start unpacking them next week. Wish me luck!

We finally got our xmas tree out of the house this morning! We de-decorated it over the weekend and then it sat there looking very sad until this morning. Nothing like knowing you have someone coming to help clean your house to finally get the tree out!

Oh, and we finally mailed out most of the Christmas cards! We still haven't been able to find the pix of Callen that we were going to include. Maybe they'll turn up before she turns 3! I'm hoping to mail out the last of the Christmas gifts on Saturday : ).

Here's hoping your days are more relaxed than mine . . .

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