Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fun Times

Last night we had a Mom's Night Out. Eight out of 9 of us were there this time. This is a group of women that got to know each other (for the most part I think anyway) while we were all participating in a breastfeeding support group. Our kids are all between 2 and 3 now. And, 4 of our group members are pregnant again! So, there will be lots of babies around again soon.

There was a recent article in the Birmingham News (I tried to find the link to it but couldn't for some reason) about Mom's Groups, and how they really provide a source of support in our current society for mothers. I agree completely. I have called others in the group or placed emails on the support group listserv numerous times in the 2 years I've been a mother. And, while they may not always have answers to help me solve my problems, the support I've received has always been phenomenal.

As someone who studies social support and the effects it has on our mental health, I'm glad that mom's groups are proliferating in our society. I wonder, though, how common place are dad's support groups . . . does anyone know?

Our group has talked about trying to get the dads together for a dads' night out. I hope we can make it happen (you do notice that I say I hope we, as in the mothers, can make it happen since I'm not sure the guys would take the initiative). Anyone want to volunteer their husband to organize a dads' night out?

Here's to many more fun times for moms, dads, and friends in general in 2008!

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