Saturday, May 2, 2009

To Help A Good Cause in Birmingham

What's on Second?!
is knocking on your

People in our community are in need of food. The United Way food warehouse and the pantries of it's distributors are being rapidly depleted as they respond to an unprecedented number of requests for food assistance. Food is even being rationed in an effort to serve more people in need.

In times like these it becomes necessary for those of us who have a little more to share a little more. With this in mind, What's on Second? is pleading with our friends and neighbors to help us with a food drive.

To sweeten the deal, here's what we are going to do:

Starting Saturday (May 9th) and every day through Saturday (May 16th), What's on Second? will offer anything and everything in the shop at 50% off to anyone who brings in at least one large grocery bag or box of nonperishable food. That's 50% off as many items as you want to purchase on that day. (If you want to come back another day you'll need another food donation)

Choose from jewelry, postcards, art, advertising, toys, holiday decorations, men's and women's retro clothing, posters - hundreds of thousands of collectibles from the coolest store in the Magic City. If you have had your eye on an item in the store or just want to get a head start on holiday shopping, you won't find a better time (or a better cause).

Use this opportunity to thin out your pantry.
Buy food in bulk at discount stores.
Think - especially - protein: dried or canned beans and peas, canned meats and tuna.
Cash, check or credit card donations of at least
$25 qualifies the donor for the 50% discount.
The money will be used to buy food wholesale
through Urban Standard (Thanks, Tom!).
Help us spread the word VIA blogs, websites,
Facebook, etc.




What's on Second?
2306 Second Avenue North
In the Loft District of
Historic Downtown Birmingham

--Steve Gilmer and Mike Wilson
What's On Second?
2306 2nd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

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