Thursday, May 14, 2009

To Do Today

Awake since 3 AM...not fun given all I need to get done today:
- get to work before 8
- go out surveying for my XO project (leaving at 8 AM)
- work on agenda for first full team meeting for my new NIA ALF study
- conduct first full team meeting this afternoon for new ALF study
- write NIA supplement that is due in less than 2 weeks!!!
- deal with administrative BS that takes way too much time away from the things I really need to be doing!!!
- begin annual report that is due TOMORROW
- begin draft of IRB application for new NSF grant that looks like it will be funded; NSF pgm officer suggested getting IRB approved, so we need to get it done. This paperwork takes tons of time!!!
- respond to various emails that came in late yesterday for meetings of various kinds
- schedule team meeting for XO project
- pick up Callen at school
- get Callen ready for soccer match
- and lots of other things that I'm sure I'm blanking on at the moment...

Wish me luck!


Clan Hill said...

Ech...except for the Callen part. Go Callen!

Mosshouse said...

What a day!

Anonymous said...

Hope your day went well! Sounds exhausting for sure! I'm up working, can't sleep. Miss you and look forward to seeing you soon! Donna