Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we met a friend and her two kids at a farm where they have a hayride to a pumpkin patch, mazes (corn and hay), petting zoo, hay mountain, and more! We all had fun. It was a glorious fall day.
This is Callen wanting to climb the fence to get to the hay mountain. We eventually convinced her to go around rather than over the fence.

Kira and Logan pose for a pix on a big bale of hay. Callen didn't care to sit on it (fear of heights maybe?). Kira and Logan made a great pix though!

Here's Callen and Bo atop the hay mountain. Yes, he had to go up with her and then ride down with her. There was a major bounce halfway down!

Callen and Logan had a lot of fun in the cotton bounce. They enjoyed throwing the cotton more than bouncing on it!


"Max Whale" said...

She has really grown up since I've seen her last--her hair is really cute that long now, too! Hopefully we'll see you all soon!

Mosshouse said...

Yeah! Wasn't Harpersville fun?!

Clan Hill said...

Callen is such a big girl now!!!! We have GOT to have a Saturday playdate so all the kids can see each other again!