Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Again

We spent the last 10 days in Portland and Seattle. We had a lot of fun; both cities are great but I think I like Portland better. Seattle was too big and the people we met didn't seem as friendly. It rained every day in Portland, but it usually only lasted a short while each time.

On Sunday we drove from Portland up to the coast of Oregon. It was a neat drive going through the mountains to get to the coast; we even saw snow on the side of the road at various points! The coast is very neat but very different than the East Coast. Lots of cliffs and rocks jutting out of the water. I'll have to post some pix later.

Bo had a conference in Portland. Callen and I went to the zoo one day. Portland has a very nice zoo, much larger than the one in B'ham. We enjoyed our girls' day out!

We did a lot of fun things while we were traveling, in between work and conference stuff. We rode planes, trains, a boat, a monorail, and Callen even rode an elephant all by herself (on an amusement ride). I'll hopefully post lots of pix soon.

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