Saturday, April 5, 2008

R - E - O

R - O - B - I - N said the not quite 2.5 year old little girl when her mommy asked her what letters were on her red balloon as we were waiting to get seated last night at dinner. I was amazed that she knew all but one of the letters (and the D did look kind of like an O). She's pretty good about picking out some letters when we ask her what they are, but this is the most correct she's been in a row. How quickly they grow up and mature!

Now, it would be nice if the maturity extended to listening to us when we ask her not to run away from us when we're out walking around Portland (like yesterday and today).


A Proud Mommy

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Mosshouse said...

That is great! Philip's grandmother asked if we needed to get him tested for hearing since he was such a selective listener to her while he spent that week with her. I showed her that he does not have a listening problem by saying to him (while he had is back to me).."Philip come here to Mommy." (no response). "Philip comes here to Mommy!" (no response). "Philip comes here and have a cookie with Mommy" - instant response.