Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Youth and Technology

After dropping off Callen at her school this morning, I stopped by my local Panera and graded papers from my undergrad mental health class (and I actually finished grading all of them this morning -- whoo hoo!). Their assignment was to examine how the media portrays some aspect of mental health. They've been presenting their projects over the past week of classes.

I've been amazed at the variety of media images that the students have been able to find depicting aspects of mental health -- from news reports on various news' websites to commercials to movies to clips from You Tube. I knew there were a lot of films and videos that dealt either directly or indirectly with issues of mental health, but I wasn't aware of the prevalence of clips on You Tube. The huge number of clips presented from You Tube has really amazed me! I should examine You Tube in more detail the next time I teach this course!

Here's to youth and technology. . .

Disclaimer: I was not paid in any way by You Tube for making this post : ). However, if they'd like to pay me, please contact me!

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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful that this assignment worked out so well for you. I'm intrigued and may try to incorporate something similar myself albeit for a different course.