Friday, November 16, 2007

Fever and Toddlers

Tuesday late afternoon we got a call about Callen being sick (running a fever) at her school. We kept a check on her that night, then took her to the doctor on Wed. No strept, no ear infection, nothing abnormal, and no fever. So, back to school she went on Thursday. We get a call at noon today. She had a temp of 103.7 at noon. Bo takes her back to the doctor; again, no signs of anything abnormal. The school and doctor said there's some type of fever virus going around now.

Poor baby! She is feeling pretty miserable tonite. Tuesday night and Wed. she played and didn't appear to feel bad. But, tonite you can definitely tell that she doesn't feel well.

The doctor said to give her tylenol every 4-5 hours and to keep her hydrated.

Anything else you can do to help a toddler with a fever? I hate feeling so helpless!


Mosshouse said...

Philip liked frozen pedialyte pops and italian ices. I didn't push dairy (ice cream). Just cuddles!

Mosshouse said...

By the way, you can delete posts you don't want or feel are inappropriate. I think your first post is about winning the Brazilian lottery!

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