Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ICT Use in Public Places

Today and last Tuesday morning I stopped by Panera Bread after dropping Callen off at school. I decided it would be nice to have a bagel and tea, and work a little while enjoying the atmosphere.

I've been amazed both times at (1) how busy Panera is at that time in the morning and (2) how many people are using information and communication technologies (ICTs) at Panera. It is nice that they have free wireless access so you can eat, work, and surf the web, check email, etc.

There has been such an interesting variety of people using ICTs in Panera each morning I've been there. There are some students, a range of young adults on a variety of cell phones and computers, and a good number of middle aged professionals (dressed in business attire) meeting in small groups, with their laptops, PDAs, etc.

I just wonder what jobs these people have and how mobile on the go they are. They all seem busy working when I've observed them.

Just some thoughts on a beautiful fall morning. . .

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Mosshouse said...

My husband "works" at Cool Beans coffeehouse in Homewood because of their wifi. Since he works from home, recruiting students for MSU,he says he has to get out of the house most of the time to motivate himself to stay on task. I personally think it's the spiced chai there and the cushy sofas.