Thursday, October 18, 2007

All Things Callen

I thought I'd do a posting about Callen since it has been a while. She's almost 2 now! We're trying to decide what to do for her birthday. Any suggestions? We had way too big of a party last year, especially for a 1 year old who wasn't walking yet.

Here's a pix of Callen from September when we were visiting friends in Maryland. Our dear friends Tom and Di bought a little pool for Callen to play in while we were visiting. Callen loves the water!

For some reason Callen won't let us put bows, pony tail holders, etc. in her hair. However, the teachers at her school say she likes playing beauty salon. Take a look at Callen with pig tails (it sure would be nice if mommy and daddy could figure out how to get the red eye out!).

Last weekend we went to homecoming at UAB. Here's Callen cheering on the Blazers!
And, a picture of our family at homecoming.

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