Monday, October 8, 2007

"I Do It, Mommy"

My daughter is changing so fast! Yesterday was her 23 month birthday. We were in my study doing something and Callen looked at me and said "I do it, mommy". She didn't want me to do it. This was the first time she has clearly articulated in sentence form that she can do something, rather than just using gestures or simple words to illustrate she wants to do something. She has also in the past week started identifying objects as 'my baby doll', 'my fork', etc. Oh, how fast they change and how independent they become!

I know we all ideally want our children to grow up and be strong and independent, but it is also somewhat sad to see them becoming more and more independent. I know she'll always love me, but I miss some of the dependence that comes with her being a baby, then an infant, and now a toddler. On the other hand, I look forward to lots more of the 'I do it, mommy' in the coming months and seeing my toddler progress in her development!

Here's to our wonderful and amazing children...may they always continue to inspire us!

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Anonymous said...

As a 41 year old woman, I can assure you that your daughter will not only always love you, but need you. Of course I can cut my own meat at dinner, act “appropriately” in public (for the most part), support myself financially, travel in a foreign country… in part thanks to my mother’s support of becoming independent. But, I also still rely on her whether it is just for a friendly voice on a bad day, to share a laugh with, or to ask for her opinion when making decisions.

I don't believe parents can truly have an adult friendship with their children without supporting their independence in all the stages of their life. It is too bad, because my friendship with my mother is the best part of my life.

Okay, that's just my thought..... Michelle