Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Airlines . . .

what are you doing to us? I flew home from Boston yesterday on USAir. On the first leg of the flight I must have briefly dozed. When I woke up the flight attendant was nearby and asked me if I'd like a beverage. I asked for some orange juice. A couple of minutes later she brought it and said, "That will be $2.00." Now, I must have been dozing because I definitely did NOT hear an announcement that you now had to purchase beverages. If I had, I definitely would not have asked for one.

Airlines can't give you a pack of peanuts or pretzels anymore; many are charging for you to check a bag; and, now at least USAir charges for a beverage! Give me a break!

Both segments of my flight home were completely sold out. I find it hard to believe the airlines are not making money given how many seats are sold on each flight. Where will this ever end?


Mosshouse said...

Good thing you didn't ask for a pillow. That cost $7.00 now but comes with a $5.00 Bed Bath and Beyond gift certificate.

Clan Hill said...

I heard about the beverage charge on NPR. I didn't know they were also charging for snacks. They are going to make money either way now. It's pretty much impossible to fly without a beverage because the air is so dry. You can't take a drink past security, so you are either stuck paying high airport prices or airplane prices. All this, plus the price of the fares are getting higher and higher and most airlines are making you pay for your baggage. Something like $25 per bag! Do they really not understand why people aren't flying as much?