Thursday, April 14, 2011

Full Professor!

I received official notification on Tuesday that I have been promoted to Full Professor. I wanted to post the letter from President Garrison on the blog but can't figure out how to insert a pdf file into the blog. Oh well.

Several people have asked me if I feel any different since receiving the notice. I don't yet. I think it hasn't set in yet. Perhaps it is because I am so busy with so many different things that I haven't had a chance to even reflect on it yet.

My chair sent out a notice to the faculty in my department. All but 2 of my colleagues either stopped by or sent emails to congratulate me. I posted it on Facebook and lots of friends have congratulated me. Some of my grad students brought me flowers yesterday. Bo and Callen did too. My office smells so great with the flowers! What a celebratory week!

A colleague asked me how I planned to celebrate. He knows I love going to the beach. Relaxing for a few days at the beach is a great idea but I haven't found a time to go relax at the beach yet. Hard to do this when you have a grant proposal due in about 6 weeks! Hopefully I'll find some time soon to take a few days and contemplate this phase of my academic career.

Thanks to all my friends, family members, and colleagues for the emails, notes, and comments. I couldn't have made it this far without the support and friendship that I've received from each of you!

Here's to the next phase of my career, fun celebrations, and wonderful family, friends, and colleagues!

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davidmidyette said...

CONGRATS! You deserve it!