Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It seems like a long time since I've posted. It hasn't been all that long but it has been longer than I would have liked. A friend asked me a week and a half ago if I had just let my blog lapse. Ouch. It wasn't my intention but it seems I rarely have time for it anymore. I hope to make more time.

A few quick updates:
- I was in New Orleans last week and weekend for a sociology conference. My students and I had 3 presentations plus 3 panels we'd organized. It was a busy time but good in that I got to spend some time with friends I haven't seen in a while.
- The weekend before I was in NC for a mini grad school reunion. It was a lot of fun! I got to see some family and friends, which was really nice. All my grad school friends were just the same as ever! Nice to know that some people never change. Thanks to Jo Anne for hosting a wonderful reunion.
- My XO project team starts back resurveying approximately 1800 4th and 5th graders the end of this week. We have about 6 weeks to survey in 27 different schools! Wish us luck and if any of you would like to volunteer to help us survey, please email me offline!
- I'm trying to hire a Program Coordinator II position for my new NIA grant. Lots of time being spent reviewing applications!
- Some colleagues at work do an NCAA tournament pool. It is random. I got Wake Forest and UNC as 2 of my random picks. First time I've had to pull for UNC : ).
- I go in for outpatient surgery on Monday to have an ovarian cyst removed. While the doctor thinks it is probably nothing serious, I'd rather get it out than have it stay in when it might be something serious. Wish me luck on Monday!
- Callen is great and growing so fast! I can't believe she's almost 3.5 now.
- I still have all those pix on the camera and more that I noted a while back. Maybe someday I'll get them uploaded and post some of them!

Here's to more posts in coming days and weeks!


Mosshouse said...

I'll be thinking of you on Monday! Happy Easter if I don't talk to you before then!

Clan Hill said...

I hope everything goes well on Monday.
I'm the same as you and have several posts that need pictures!